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Pen and Ink Hand Drawn Designs by Robert Askew.

Bringing your ideas to life.

 On this website you will find a selection of our Greetings cards, designed by Robert Askew in our on-line shop.

In addition, Robert also designs illustrations for publications - YOUR ideas can come to life.

As an illustrator, Robert puts flesh on the bones of an idea - so if you have a book, blog or comic-strip, that you would like bringing to life then do get in touch.

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Robert has a sound background in commissions and can offer you exactly what you want in a very timely manner. 

East Yorks Press say; 'We're so excited to work with you again.'

Contact Robert on: rwart55@gmail.com

Look forward to hearing from you!


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Artinker is a small, design-led business.  We specialise in hand-drawn pen and ink drawings, largely of animals but also of people and creatures of unknown origin! What links them is the touch of ink to paper and the detail that gives them their Artinker-ness.  

All of our designs are created with heart, soul and good humour with a generous splash of Je ne sais quoi.

Established as a publisher in 2018 we now have a growing range of Greetings Cards from Birthdays, Christmas, Wedding Days and Anniversaries.  We hope you will find one to suit your individual life event.

(even divorce...... sshhhhhh)!

All of our main card ranges can  be printed as A4 prints.  Please ask.

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